LièGin Jungle

The Exotic

Let LIÈGIN JUNGLE be your native guide in the discovery of this exotic magical concoction. Live the magic of the Caribbean and the expressiveness of Creole flavours and aromas … the Liège way!

The flavours of mango and pineapple of LIÈGIN JUNGLE waft you away to those wonderful tropical faraways of your dreams. Taste it and you will pick up on the end note of (organic) mint for sparkling freshness.



Our tasting tip

Serve with ice and a neutral of Mediterranean tonic to bring out all the exotic fragrances.

Use Pink Pepper tonic too, why not? To make your evening that little bit spicier!

Enhance this taste experience by garnishing your LIÈGIN JUNGLE with «pineapple-flavour» candy flakes, hand-crafted by les Bonbons de Grand-Mère®, which intensify both presence and finesse.

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